Escape to the outdoors

Tideline, May/June 2016

For many outdoor enthusiasts, hunting and fishing aren’t just hobbies — these pursuits are a lifestyle. So much so that many plan their vacations around outdoor adventures. Though the Lowcountry is an outdoorsman’s paradise with ample natural resources, planning an out-of-state or international excursion can help you extend your season, seek out a new species or chase a big trophy that you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to go after close to home.

Traveling to hunt or fish is sort of like buying land. Everyone says they want to, yet very few actually do. Time and cost are two of the biggest factors keeping them from turning their dream into reality. Using the services of an outfitter will cost a minimum of $3,000-5,000, which can be cost-prohibitive for many. The do-it-yourself route is not only more feasible, but helps you tailor your trip to your personal preferences. Read more...