Oakbrook Ashley Riverfest

Summerville Journal Scene, May 2014

Gilmore Girls was one of my favorite television shows growing up. The charming, small town feel of Stars Hollow, reminds me of my hometown. No matter how much Summerville has grown over the years, we’ve managed to maintain our small town feel. For those who have grown up here, it’s very much an everybody knows everybody kind of place. Part of this strong community identity comes from the constant events that happen around town that bring people together. This year a newly founded Oakbrook Civic Association planned a new event centered around the areas largest, untapped resource, the Ashley River and the Oakbrook community that surrounds it.

The first ever Oakbrook Ashley Riverfest was held on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Jessen Boat Landing & Colonial Dorchester State Park. I worked with the event planning committee and a graphic designer to create the event program. The program was inserted and distributed in the Summerville Journal Scene with extra copies printed to be handed out on the day of the festival. My involvement included assessing the client’s needs, organizing the content, writing a few pieces, collecting relevant photos, creating sponsor advertisements, brainstorming a design concept and editing the final product.

Here is the finished product: