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Find the Right Fit: Shotguns & Rifles for Women

Shooting Industry Magazine, March 2018

As a female hunter who stands at just 5 feet 3 inches tall, I’m all too familiar with the challenge of finding a firearm that truly fits my frame. When shopping for a firearm, I find myself empathizing with the timeless fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks struggled to find the right chair, bowl of porridge and bed, and ultimately found Baby Bear’s to be “just right.” I’ve often settled for a youth model because my shorter arms cannot properly support the barrel of a heavier weight or longer stock. Of course, not all women share the same challenges; we’re simply built differently than men. Read more...

Talkin' Turkey: Answer The Call Of This Niche Market

Shooting Industry Magazine, February 2018

Given the length of turkey season compared to other game species like whitetail deer, you may not see the value in serving this niche market. However, considering the sheer range of products needed for turkey hunting, there is a significant opportunity to increase your overall profitability by supplementing your existing product offerings. Read more...

Advancing Airguns & Airsoft Sales

Shooting Industry Magazine, November 2017

Though their history dates back to the late 1500s, airguns — the oldest pneumatic technology — still aren’t getting the credit they deserve. The best thing dealers can do is dispel the stigma airguns are just “toys.”

“Advancements in technology have allowed for more versatility and market opportunity than ever before,” said Richard Turner, president of Umarex USA. “And what we’re seeing is the emergence of unique applications that weren’t necessarily possible before.”

Still primarily used for training, recreational shooting and introducing youth to the shooting sports, an increasing number of shooters are using airguns for varmint and pest control. Innovations in pneumatic technology allow for larger calibers; hunters are using airguns to take medium- to big-game animals where state regulations permit their use. Read more...

Best Self-Defense Handguns for Women

Shooting Industry Magazine, October 2017

When helping a woman choose which handgun is best for her, firearm dealers take on the responsibility of educating the consumer. By instinct, a woman might be drawn to a smaller handgun because they’re easier to carry and conceal. However, what she might not realize is they generally aren’t as easy to shoot compared to larger guns. Read more...

All women are not created equal

Arms & The Woman, a monthly column in Shooting Industry Magazine, August 2017

We’ve all seen the statistics. Women are the fastest-growing segment of gun owners and the majority is motivated to purchase a firearm as a means of personal and home protection. However, the best tactic dealers can deploy to capture their share of this audience is to stop making sweeping generalizations. All women are not created equal.

There’s arguably nothing women dislike more than being pigeonholed. When a woman walks into a gun store, she has already spent several months doing copious amounts of research — mostly by scouring manufacturers’ websites and by consulting with her family and friends. Rather than immediately steering her toward a hot pink lightweight compact pistol, take the time to ask questions and more importantly, listen to her answers. Read more...