The Outsider: Hunting While Pregnant

Tideline Magazine, Fall 2017

From poor fitting camouflage to a limited selection of gear tailored to my female frame, I’ve faced numerous challenges growing up as a female hunter that my male counterparts haven’t ever had to face.

While manufacturer’s have taken notice and a lot has improved over the years, there is still one unique challenge that remains. It is actually one that I had never considered until I found myself in this situation. Three years ago, in the middle of spring turkey season, my husband and I learned I was pregnant with our first child.  Read more...


The Outsider: Teach a Girl to Fish

Tideline Magazine, Spring 2017

I'm the youngest of three children and the only girl. Despite having two older brothers, I somehow ended up becoming my dad's fishing and hunting partner. Most of my favorite childhood memories include staying up late the night before to pack our gear, waking up before the sun and stopping at the local convenience store for the necessities like a bag of donuts, boiled peanuts, a cold Mountain Dew and live bait, before heading to one of our many fishing holes.

While I hope my daughter makes similar memories in the outdoors with her dad, I'm excited to share in some of these experiences with her as well. It's important to me that she learns outdoor hobbies and sports aren't just for boys. Though Lorelei recently only turned 2, my husband and I are firm believers that it's never too early to start fostering a love and respect of the outdoors. Read more...

Cool catches

Tideline, September/October 2016

The fall season is ideal for both fishermen and fish. With some relief from the heat and slightly lower water temperatures, conditions are right for catching a variety of species inshore, nearshore, offshore and in freshwater. September and October are spectacular months for anglers, as fish like the fall weather as much as those pursuing them.

The most popular destination for freshwater anglers in the Lowcountry is Santee Cooper, comprised of Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie connected by the Diversion Canal. Read more...

Escape to the outdoors

Tideline, May/June 2016

For many outdoor enthusiasts, hunting and fishing aren’t just hobbies — these pursuits are a lifestyle. So much so that many plan their vacations around outdoor adventures. Though the Lowcountry is an outdoorsman’s paradise with ample natural resources, planning an out-of-state or international excursion can help you extend your season, seek out a new species or chase a big trophy that you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to go after close to home.

Traveling to hunt or fish is sort of like buying land. Everyone says they want to, yet very few actually do. Time and cost are two of the biggest factors keeping them from turning their dream into reality. Using the services of an outfitter will cost a minimum of $3,000-5,000, which can be cost-prohibitive for many. The do-it-yourself route is not only more feasible, but helps you tailor your trip to your personal preferences. Read more...

New gear for 2016

Tideline, January/February 2016

With incredible resources for paddlers, anglers and hunters, the Lowcountry is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. At least 54 percent of South Carolina residents participate in outdoor recreation each year, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. Whether you love casting for redfish or chasing white-tailed deer, making sure you have the right gear is important. When it comes to outdoor accessories, there are a few notable trends to look for in the New Year. Read more...

Dove Hunting: A communal Southern tradition

Tideline, September/October 2015

There’s nothing Southerners love more than a well-executed social event. Complete with traditions of barbecue, sweet tea, your close and sometimes not-so close buddies, dove season’s opening day is generally considered the kickoff of the fall hunting season.

Mourning doves are the only game bird to nest in all 48 contiguous states, making them one of the most popular small-game species to hunt. Since high-end equipment and a high degree of discipline aren’t necessarily requirements in dove hunting, it is perfect for beginners and kids. Read more...