Forklift pioneer raises the standard for the future

Progress South Carolina, A Supplement to The Post & Courier, 2017

The history of industrial trucks can be traced back to the First World War. One hundred years later, one of the pioneers of this industry remains the second largest manufacturer in the world, the largest manufacturer for electric forklifts, and its North American headquarters is based here in the Lowcountry. KION North America offers a dynamic product portfolio which includes electric, LPG and diesel-powered forklifts, warehouse trucks and tow tractors. Read more...

The Outsider: Teach a Girl to Fish

Tideline Magazine, Spring 2017

I'm the youngest of three children and the only girl. Despite having two older brothers, I somehow ended up becoming my dad's fishing and hunting partner. Most of my favorite childhood memories include staying up late the night before to pack our gear, waking up before the sun and stopping at the local convenience store for the necessities like a bag of donuts, boiled peanuts, a cold Mountain Dew and live bait, before heading to one of our many fishing holes.

While I hope my daughter makes similar memories in the outdoors with her dad, I'm excited to share in some of these experiences with her as well. It's important to me that she learns outdoor hobbies and sports aren't just for boys. Though Lorelei recently only turned 2, my husband and I are firm believers that it's never too early to start fostering a love and respect of the outdoors. Read more...

Authentic Lowcountry living

Charleston Style + Design, Spring 2017

Searching for a place to call home is about your lifestyle and extends far past your property lines. With more than two decades of experience in the Southeast, Kolter Homes understands this better than anyone. Nestled in a beautiful Lowcountry setting, its Summerville communities, The Ponds and Cresswind Charleston, were thoughtfully designed with your lifestyle and quality of life in mind. Read more...

A camping we will go

Lowcountry Parent Magazine, March 2017

When you hear the word camping, you might think of tents, sleeping bags and cooking over an open fire, but today’s summer camps offer so much more. To fill the time between family vacations and the lack of homework, a few carefully selected day camps can give children new hobbies, an educational head start and maybe a glimpse at a future career. Read more...

Ready to Pounce? The South's first cat cafe curls up in Charleston

Lowcountry Paws Magazine, Winter 2017

Prior to opening its doors in December, Pounce Cat Cafe had already amassed a large following on social media with the Lowcountry feline-loving community. What began as a Kickstarter campaign nearly a year ago, is now a full-fledged brick-and-mortar café located on Meeting Street in downtown Charleston. Read more...

2017 Summer Camp Guides

Lowcountry Parent Magazine, February & March 2017

Looking for ways to keep your kids busy during the lazy days of summer? For the second year in a row, I've compiled Lowcountry Parent's two summer camp guides--the overnight camp guide in February and the day camp guide in March. 

Each guide includes an introductory story followed by a comprehensive directory listing. Both are combined into a searchable digital database, making it a value resource for Lowcountry families.

Multidirectional fun

Charleston Style + Design, Winter 2017

There is a saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if you’ve ever spent time on a porch swing you know that isn’t true. Countless memories are made and witnessed from outdoor swings, whether it’s where you sit to read the paper with your morning coffee or watch your children play in the yard. Its positioning should not be taken lightly.

When Debbie Burriss and her husband, Scott, were faced with the decision of which direction to face their bench swing on their newly constructed porch, they couldn’t decide. “We wanted to look at the water, watch our children play in the sand pile in our side yard and face our guests on the porch for conversation,” she says. To solve their directional dilemma, Scott created a mount that would allow their swing to rotate 360 degrees. Read more...

There’s an app for that

Lowcountry Parent Magazine, December 2016

With more technology than ever at our fingertips, it’s hard to remember a time without it. When used efficiently and in moderation, mobile devices and apps can enhance quality of life. Whether your goal is to get organized or improve your health, there’s no excuse to not put your best foot forward in the New Year. Read more...

Beyond the Fitbit

Lowcountry Parent Magazine, December 2016

The New Year is a chance to start fresh, but there is nothing magical about Jan. 1. Since it takes 21 days to create a new habit, or to break one, why not start now? When January rolls around you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with established, healthy habits.

Use technology to your advantage to help you overcome common fitness barriers. Though the Fitbit is popular, there are many other fitness gadgets on the market. Read more...

The pros and cons of being a work-at-home parent

Lowcountry Parent Magazine, November 2016

As technology makes communication and collaboration easier, more and more Americans are working from home. About 24 percent of employed adults did some or all of their job at home in 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But with less generous parental leave policies in the United States compared to some countries, for many working from home is a necessity rather than a luxury.

After giving birth to her son Tucker in 2014, Reba Cole quickly learned that it was not realistic for both her and her husband to maintain traditional careers outside of the home. A real estate agent with Century 21 Properties Plus and co-owner of 9Round Kickboxing in Summerville, being a work-at-home parent gives Cole the flexibility to work around her son’s schedule. Read more...

20 to Know: North Charleston's changemakers

North Charleston Magazine, Fall 2016

One of my favorite parts about living in the South Carolina Lowcountry is the incredible people that live here. From a small business owner to a PTA powerhouse, I had the privilege of celebrating the contributions of five of North Charleston magazine’s 20 to Know for 2016.

This issue not only highlights the incredible people in the community, but also spotlights a few of North Charleston’s most innovative businesses. From airplanes to spirits, these companies are breaking new ground in their industries right in our backyards. Read their profiles...

Thoughtfully Curated

Charleston Style + Design, Fall 2016

A presence in Charleston’s design community for more than a decade, Matthew McLaughlin decided it was time to put down some roots of his own. The former showroom manager at Circa Lighting partnered with his parents to set up shop after renting space in Antiques of South Windermere for the past four and a half years. Located in South Windermere Shopping Center, Well Furnished is a home furnishings boutique that features a curated selection of period and new furniture, original artwork, classic lighting and distinctive accessories. Read more...